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Prince Lands in Arlington, MA
at Peirce School
on October 4, 2001

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Ms. Jacoby's Grade 2 Class
Solomon Peirce School


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open house

Prince Pierre makes new friends in Ms. Jacoby's class...He met "Hugs" and "Kisses" the guinea pigs. The others didn't have much to say. They were kind of shy. The children in the class welcomed him with open arms and gave him the "red carpet" treatment!

pillows pillows2

The Prince found the pillows in this castle to his liking. Pierre never misses a chance to catch a quick nap.

Prince Pierre with a friend from Ms. Jacoby's class get ready to visit Hammond Castle.

bed foyer

A bed fit for a Prince (even a king maybe)


Pierre relaxed in the Grand Courtyard of Hammond Castle with a few of his new found friends from Peirce School.arrowrt


After the children in Ms. Jacoby's class read the book.

Keep The Light Burning, Abbie,

they took Pierre on a visit to

Eastern Point Lighthouse

where they climbed a circular staircase similar to the one Abbie climbed in the book.

The Coast Guard gave a wonderful tour and were most helpful!

Pierre had a GREAT view of the Atlantic Ocean from the top!

Below are some castles that were created by prior classes in

Ms. Jacoby's room. You can see more on the classroom web page.


castle1 castle2

Prince Pierre loved the beautiful scenery created for the classroom's Thanksgiving play, "The Pilgrim Story".


The Prince shares a few memories of his stay with Ms. Jacoby's class at Peirce School with his new friends in the Library Corner.

Good-byes are always hard for Pierre. . .

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like....Florida!

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