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Bainbridge Island, WA

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June Bug the pug did not know what to make of a frog prince in her home!

Prince Pierre meets his host, Graham and waves hello to all back at the castle.

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Bainbridge Island is a great place for families. There are wonderful schools, lots of nature walks and  baseball is very popular. We only wish the Mariners were having a better year!


Pike Place Market in Seattle is a favorite spot for visitors. If  you rub the pig's snout, you will have good luck. Graham and he enjoyed seeing all the fresh fish and flowers at the market.

Washington State Ferries is one of the largest water transportation systems in the world. You can drive your car or walk on the ferry for a 35 minute ride from Bainbridge Island to downtown Seattle.


Did you know that Starbucks Coffee started in Seattle? Coffee is a very popular drink in the Pacific Northwest. Here the Prince enjoys a cafe latte while waiting to ride the ferry from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.

The Prince loved his visit to Bainbridge Island. He even found another frog friend! He wasn't much for conversation but Pierre could tell that he was the strong silent type....

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Washington State Beaches often have large logs washed up on shore. The huge trees that hug the coast are knocked down by storms and arrive as driftwood that is fun to climb on.

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Our island is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Here the Prince enjoys a day at the beach before heading back on the road. Many thanks to his host, Graham, for the great time.

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like Bloomington, MN

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