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On his visit, the Prince traveled over "The Grapevine" to Bakersfield . . .


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Pierre loves to read. He always picks out a good book at the airport book store before flying or riding on a shuttle. Aah, he misses his royal coach. Hhmm, Harry Potter?? Must be someone new....

The Prince checks out his accomodations at the Priority Club (what else?) and found the Concierge to be quite helpful...

It's not all play for Prince Pierre. He was invited to tour a power plant out in the countryside. Looks like Cotton Country...

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There's a lot of country out in the Bakersfield area. Here are cotton fields ready to be planted.

bak06 bak07 bak08

Pierre also saw groves of almond trees. Those boxes are portable bee hives. The bees help pollinate the trees...

The Prince was amazed...Sheep! As far as you could see.

This was REALLY amazing! Here in California, they have rivers made out of cement!!

bak09 bak10 bak11

The Prince discovered that they have more than sheep and cotton out in the country. He said that for a big machine, the oil well pump was very quiet. He even found an old wooden pump wheel that was more comfortable...(there's a fence made out of them...)

The Prince, unceremoniously, got caught up in some tumbleweed. He found out that it was just as much fun as a Disney ride!

bak12 bak14

You can get a pretty good view from up top...

Before going into the plant, Pierre has to check out the plans and make sure he has all the proper safety equipment...

Pierre reaches the work site he's to inspect.

bak15 bak16

After a good meal, a brisk 30 minute workout is needed...and then a relaxing sauna.

Back in town, Pierre found some trusty steeds that reminded him of an old rock group called the Stone Ponies...The Prince never seems to pay attention to signs . . Centennial Gardens

Prince Pierre enjoys a healthy salad at the Hungry Hunter Restaurant


Finally the Prince finishes off a busy day with "clicker" in hand hoping to catch the Lady Huskies from UCONN going for another
NCAA National Championship ..................

Pierre visit "The Crystal Palace". Found out it was Buck Owen's museum. The Prince remembers him from the "Hee Haw" days


Prince Pierre makes friends easily...

Pierre thought it was a strange place for Buck Owens to park his car . . .

Pierre really wanted to take Buck's Harley out for a spin, but they wouldn't let it leave the museum


The Prince did get a chance to "sit in" with the boys and do a little jammin'. Nothing like that other music some "former prince" plays...


Another fine dinning experience for the Prince before he leaves California...

Prince Pierre gives Captain Frog a quick call to see where he might be off to next... He was heard to exclaim "WHERE?!"


I wonder where Pierre's off to next?

Looks like...England!

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