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The Prince takes a rest in Ribbit's back yard after a long trip from Arizona.

belbadge lighthouse2
. lighthouse

The Prince discovered Ribbit's lighthouse. It really works... shinning a light across the desert. Pierre never did see any boats. Pierre was welcomed by Ribbit with his toy on Ribbit's bike. The west side of the Manzano Mts are in the background. Pierre was having fun on Ribbit's lighthouse. Ribbit's puppy, Little Bear, was amazed at Pierre's climbing abilities.


Prince visited the
Gran Quivera Ruins.

The Prince taking a pause.

Ribbit showed Pierre that respect was
very important especially in the desert.


Pierre and Ribbit by some ruins. It must have been hard for froggies to hop over these arrowleftwalls!

rest3 ranger

Our trusty and most gracious Ranger Casey J. Osback gave us the tour of Gran Quivira.

Part of the Salinas Pueblo Missions.


Resting in the "Baptismalarrowright Room" at the Grand Quivira Ruins after walking the ruins on a hot day.

The Prince received a Junior Park Ranger's Badge for touring all three ruins...
Gran Quivera, Abo, and Quirai.

ruins3 ruins4 flower1

At times, Pierre and Ribbit felt as though they were going in circles. Resting was a priority on a hot 90°+ day.

Pierre saw many different kinds of flowers and bushes...
Here is a "Buckhorn Cholla", "Walking Stick" or "Cane Cactus"=========>

church2 church1

Pierre went for a ride on "Cricket" who is 75 years old! In the background is the east face of
The Manzano Mts.


Pierre at the gate of the Manzano Church where he entered and said a few words for Captain Frog . .The Church was founded in 1824. Built in 1829...Concecrated in 1835

ruins abo canyon

Pierre on the guard rail of the Rio Grande Bridge mentioning something about a lighthouse.

Pierre and Ribbit off to the Abo ruins. An Abo Canyon pool looks very cool on a hot summer day.

beehive1 beehive2 belchurch3

Built in 1630, the Isleta Church, Isleta Pueblo, is still active.

The Prince became very interested in the beehive ovens on the Isleta Pueblo. He was amazed that he never saw any bees!
The ovens worked great!

wall painting

photo by David Noble

A Kiva wall painting of Kachina Dancers.

Ribbit and friends treat Pierre to a day in the pool after a long and hot tour of the Belen, New Mexico area.

Prince Pierre will always have fond memories of his visit to New Mexico.
Many thanks go out to Ribbit and friends Phyllis and Ben for being such great hosts!

I wonder where Pierre's off to next?

Looks like...Arkansas!

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