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Putney, VT
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king ward

Prince Pierre found a trusty guide who directed him inside of Basketville.

The Prince came to Vermont courtesy of King Ward who operates a fine livery of motor coaches.
Here the Prince points the way and gets ready to lend his assistance to the driver. The Prince found he had problems reaching the pedals


When Pierre heard about Basketville, he thought it was just another little village in Vermont. He soon found out it was part of the town of Putney, VT and very special.

The "Hall of Displays" was amazing! Everyone was made out of basket materials!

dino fish lion friend

Prince Pierre met the head of Basketville's Moose Club and he was invited to speak at a Moose Club meeting.

No...The dinosaur was NOT eating the donkey!

You could only dream of catching a fish like this.

This was the biggest lion that Pierre had ever seen!

groupchat find a basket snack

The tour of Basketville gave Pierre an appetite. He found a table to his liking for a quick snack.
The Prince was pleased to find the the people of Basketville gave such honor to his friend Mickey.

The local members of the Moose Club were riveted in their seats as Prince Pierre talked about his travels.

Pierre was amazed at the different types of baskets.

closeup mickey checkers putney info

Pierre got some info about a great place to eat and headed for the Putney Inn. The lady was very informative. Pierre thought she would be a good teacher . . .

After a quick snack, the Prince followed a thrilling checker match. They sure know how to have a good time here!

The Prince gets a lesson on giving a good profile.

putney inn sign lunch tired green mt sign

The restaurant wasn't too hard to find with this BIG sign out front.

Lunch was fit for a Prince
( a king even) . . .

After leaving Basketville in the village of Putney, VT, the Prince spends some time relaxing as King Ward's coach takes him to
Bellows Falls, VT.

Pierre reaches the
Green Mountain Railroad Depot in
Bellows Falls, VT.

train train men in car

The Green Mountain Flyer...it flew about 25 mph. Very relaxing speed

Pierre introduced himself to the Engineer and Conductor. They were honored to have him aboard.

The rail cars were spacious and comfortable like rolling thunder . . .

gorge covered bridge depot

The scenery through the mountains was outstanding. There were gorges, covered bridges and we finally reached the station at Chester, VT.

covered bridge2 newpad1 newpad2

The covered bridges were very interesting and had an extensive history to them. You can see more covered bridges at
Vermont Covered Bridges.

covered bridge1

On the trip, Prince Pierre discovered many great sites for a new "pad". He quickly jotted down their locations so he wouldn't forget.

townhall oregon wave from train

The Town Hall at Chester, VT

The Prince met people from Oregon...Are these new friends possible host???

Prince Pierre waves a fond farewell to Vermont after a most
enjoyable tour. . .

Looks like...Massachusetts

I wonder where Pierre's off to next?

where to
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