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Heading to Big Sky, Montana and passing through Yellowstone Park. Pierre sees the biggest animal ever... and wonders what all that steam is in the background...

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Ginny explains to Pierre that he's seeing "Old Faithful" and that it looks like the geyser is right on time. Pierre was amazed!

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You could camp out in a Yurt

The scenery was spectacular!

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Bubbling hot springs, geysers, roaming buffalo... truely a remarkable place


Ginny and friends get ready to hit the slopes

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Pierre went looking for his skis and ran into a new friend... Thankfully, his friend wasn't real....

Pierre ran into a couple of cowboys he thought could help him find his skis....


Pierre met Taylor from the Pro Patrol... A very good person to know while on the slopes...


Pierre though maybe a Skidoo would be better to take on the hill...

Pierre getting ready for his run... Bunny Slope???

How embarassing!!

HRH Prince Pierre dela Ponde wishes to thank Ginny for hosting his tour of Yellowstone
and Big Sky Montana...
It was a wonderful trip filled with new sights and fond memories...

I wonder where Pierre's off to next?

Looks like... Salem, Massachusetts

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