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One of the first places that the Prince visited was the Short North Art District and The Goodale Park located in Victorian Village. Columbus has many beautiful parks and historic areas to visit.

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Prince Pierre checks out the statue of Lincoln Goodale for whom the park was named.

What IS a Buckeye?


Pierre loved his tour of the
Ohio State University.
Home of the BUCKEYES!

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There are many beautiful flowers in bloom around the Columbus City Hall. Pierre was impressed on how well kept the grounds were.

Prince Pierre took a tour of the Ohio State House, and impressive building. Inside the State House, his host, Beth shows him the beautiful State Seal replicated in stained glass. Also in the lobby are reminders that the state of Ohio is celebrating its bicentennial. This would be a good time for people to visit and take part in the celebration.

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At Riverfront Park, Pierre saw the replica of the Santa Maria which was Christopher Columbus' ship when he discovered America.

Here you can also see info on
The Federalist
"The World's Smallest Tallship"

Prince Pierre stopped by the Civil War Statue "These Are My Jewels".

Then he took a break with the Columbus Dispatch newspaper building in the background.

Prince at the base of a GIANT Christopher Columbus statue outside of City Hall. In fact you can only see two feet of it :-)

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Pierre reads about John Brickell who built the first cabin in Columbus...
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There are many beautiful monuments here in Columbus. Pierre checks out the Freedom Statue with Leveck Tower in the background.arrowright
Prince Pierre takes a break along the Scioto Riverfront Park. You can see the Franklyn County Veterans' Memorial
in the background.
Prince says a few words at the Columbus Fire Dept. Memorial
Prince Pierre thought the sign for Nationwide's World Headquarters was very modern and a good place to rest.
Just sitting in front of all those pirranha with only a piece of glass separating him from them was very scarry. Good thing Beth was there to protect him!This kangaroo crossing sign looked very familiar. Seems like Pierre saw one recently on his trip to Australia. At first Pierre thought they were giant mice! .........................arrowrt
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This was probably the most "dangerous" part of Prince Pierre's visit in Columbus.
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Columbus has the Nationwide Arena which is home of the Bluejackets hockey team.
Who like to "IGNITE THE NIGHT!"

Beth introduced
Prince Pierre to
Smokey The Bear
at the
Ohio State Fair
(There's a poem there somewhere!)


Would you believe a cow and a calf made out of butter??
Pierre never saw anything like this!
It was in a display by the
Ohio Dairy Council.
The Prince couldn't wait to tell Princess Lily-Croakiss and baby Seraphina...


Prince Pierre has a lot of respect for those who provide for his security on his tour.
Here he gets the scoop on the
Ohio Highway Patrol
they awarded him a
Junior Trooper's Badge..

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Beth introduced Prince Pierre to her friendly co-workers at the Nationwide Kings Road Building. They work in Individual Annuity Systems. Pierre could see how efficient they are. He enjoyed amusing himself with Beth's desk toys... He was also able to check on his investments using Beth's computer. Looks like the Bears still have a strong hold on the market!


Prince Pierre spends some time relaxing at Beth's pad. He was questioning why she had a "Frog Xing" sign.

That's when she introduced him to her friends, Mason, Sandy, Emily Albert and Jorge. The sign was very useful!!

(Click on the "Icons")

Beth really hangs with a fun group! They surely know how to throw a royal party. The hors d'oeuvres were delicious and eveyone had a good time!


But time does not stand still...even for a royal frog. The Prince bid a found adieux to Beth and all her friends in Columbus, Ohio. He'll never forget the great time he had and all the new friends he made. Columbus, Ohio is a wonderful place for a frog and all his subjects to visit.......

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like....Tennessee!
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