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Welcome to the City of Erie! Come along with Prince Pierre as he tours this beautiful port city.
Pierre traveled in a beautiful basket and was guarded by Pixie. (Host Loretta's Shi Tzu). The basket belonged to Loretta's mom and the trio became a customary site in Erie.
03 arrowPrince Pierre enjoys a relaxing visit with
some friendly frogs in a garden of marigolds...
Pierre learns that the French, then the British and then the Americans built forts here in Erie and that the city has a rich historic past.
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Erie has a maritime history dating back to 1795 when the Reed Family established a trading post on the waterfront.
Where is Prince Pierre? He's sitting at the entrance to the reconstructed Wayne Blockhouse...Named for "Mad" Anthony Wayne who won the Battle of Fallen Timbers, 1794.
Gen. Wayne died on 12/16/1796. He was buried here. Thirteen years later his son came to Erie to move the body to Radnor, PA. A Dr. Wallace dissected the body and boiled the parts in a large kettle (pictured below). The bones went to Radnor and the flesh put back in the original coffin in the old grave.!
(see the story here)
Prince Pierre learned that the city of Erie was laid out by Andrew Ellicott and Gen. William Irvine in 1795.
10 11
On the left, Pierre sits at the base of the statue of Commander Oliver Hazard Perry, the hero of the Battle of Lake Erie. It was fought on Sept. 10, 1813 at Put-in-Bay, Ohio. On the right, Pierre cools of at the fountain in Perry Square.
Prince Pierre checks out a display honoring Commander Perry. The chairs came from the original Brig Niagara.


Pierre reads about a restored 24-pounder cannon from the H.M.S. Detroit, the Battle of Lake Erie.
The reconstructed Brig Niagara (Flagship of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) in port behind our host, Loretta, and HRH Prince Pierre de LaPonde.


This display at the Maritime Museum depicts the sailors firing at the British from the Niagara. You could hear Pierre telling them to..."Give 'em a broadside!"
Prince Pierre sits atop a story board which tells "From the Bay to the Battle." Commander Perry's fleet was built in the shelter of Presque Isle Bay. Perry wrote these words after the battle. "We have met the enemy and they are ours; two ships, two brigs, one schooner and one sloop."


19 20
Pierre sits on the wall surrounding the Perry Monument on
Presque Isle State Park.
The Prince has a great view from an anchor at Dobbins Landing. Scroll over the sign to see what it says...
Prince Pierre admires the statue of Brigadier Gen. Strong Vincent, the hero of the Battle of Little Round Top, at Gettysburg, PA. One of Erie's High Schools is named after him.
21 23
Pierre on a casson located on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home is one of 12 Napoleon field pieces brought back to PA by Union troops during the Civil War.
There are 727 names inscribed on this Memorial to those from Erie County who lost their lives during WW II.
This "Leap Frog" entitled "Veterans: Bearing the Burden of Freedom" was created by Kristina Faulkner and sits in front of the Erie County Courthouse.
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The Eagle Bowsprit pictured here at the Erie History Center, was true to naval tradition. It was proudly carried by the "Commodore Perry", a cutter, serving the Erie station for the Revenue Service which was merged into the Coast Guard in 1915.
The Erie Land Lighthouse was the first lighthouse on the Great Lakes. Can you name the Great Lakes? Remember HOMES: Huron, Ontario, Michigan,Erie, Superior.

To read the marker about the Erie Land Lighthouse, scroll over the front door ABOVE.

Pierre reads stories surrounding the pictures of the Presidents. The stories are of those Presidents who visited Erie. Pres. Bush visited on 9/4/2004.
"Five Courses Thick" tells the story of the construction of the Lighthouse on Presque Isle.

Construction of the Presque Isle Lighthouse was begun in September, 1872 and completed the following July. The first keeper of the light, Charles Waldo, said: "It is the loneliest place on earth. Click HERE to see Pierre's Lighthouse pin

Prince Pierre gazes across the sands of Presque Isle to the calm blue waters of Lake Erie.
The North Pier Lighthouse has guided mariners into Erie Harbor since 1857. The U. S. Coast Guard maintains the light.
Prince Pierre reads about the native legend of Presque Isle. He did know that Presque Isle is French for "almost an island."arrow
Joe T. pins a "Discover Presque Isle" button on the Prince. Joe is a Rotary Club member (and a sharp dresser!) who was helping raise funds to benefit Presque Isle.
Scroll over the button to see it close up...

"Presque Isle Pipi" asks everyone to help protect her pad. She's named for the Northern Leopard Frog whose scientific name is Rana Pipiens.
Pierre sits on an old valve which released water into the city water system from the holding pond. "Presque Isle Pipi" found a great place to spend the summer.
(In the background)
36 38
Prince Pierre sits atop a model of a locomotive manufactured at Erie's General Electric Plant. Loretta's Grandfather, Dad and Uncle all worked at G.E. Erie.
Stephanie C. welcomed Prince Pierre to watch her complete her work for ther Chalk Walk on State Street (Erie's Main Street) during "Celebrate Erie Days."
You can see "A Piece of Erie" to the right. Along with other pieces of chalk art.
Visit Leapfrog! Erie

LeapFrog! pools together Erie's individuals, charities, artists, community leaders and corporations to promote community pride. Each frog will be sponsored by an individual or a corporation, and all proceeds will be donated to Gannon University's Scholarship Fund and the Erie Art Museum.

arrowThis LeapFrog looks like Captain Frog before he lost weight !
Pierre loved the "toad stool"! He felt that he was #1 too...
45 46 47 49
Prince Pierre can see that the penmanship is excellent and the words are hopeful...Yes, we are all created equal. Just a few more paragraphs and I think we may have something here....
I'm ready for school! This Leap Frog is entitled "We are the Future...Let Us Leap." The Erie School District art teachers and students created this frog. Prince Pierre also doesn't want to be left behind because it sounds like fun!
Pierre helps "Founding Father", by Mary Birdsong, do some writing...
Prince Pierre gets "caught up in the action" with "Gone Fishin" by David L. Tousey. Pierre was happy he was in the net on not in the mouth of that big fish!
Prince Pierre perches atop the Leap Frog, "Harry Pond-er", by Greg Mitchell. They're both going over some new spells created during Leap Frog Erie
Hopefully, "Z Fisher", by Eddie Portillo and John Tome, will share his pond with the Prince.
52 53
Stephen and Stephanie entertain Prince Pierre at the ExpERIEnce Children's Museum.
"George" (Josh) and "Martha"(Jackie) welcome Prince Pierre to their home where their mom (Bea) hosted the planning meeting of the Alpha Iota Chapter, Alpha Alpha State, of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (Women Educators)
Prince Pierre found a convenient lily pad to relax on in the Children's Adventure area at the Erie Zoo.
55 56
Our host, Loretta, takes Prince Pierre for a "froggy ride" on the carousel at the Erie Zoo. Pierre seems to always find a carousel where ever he goes. This was the first froggy carousel that he's been on.
68 69 70
Another great froggy place to visit

"The Splash Lagoon".

You can relax in the comfort of your pond ;-)

Loretta and Prince Pierre paused with some of her former students: Tina, Cindy, Mary, Ann, Frank, Eileen, Joe, Wendy, and John. They enjoyed the family picnic of the Erie County Council for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.


Pierre attended the 50th reunion of the East High School class of 1954. He met some of Loretta's special friends: Leora, Connie, Pat, Ginny, Ann, Paula, Janet and Dorothy.


59 60 61
Shirley(left) and Charlotte(right) posed with Host Loretta and Prince Pierre at the East High School 50th reunion picnic. The ladies were playmates growing up in the 40's.
"Statue of Liberty", by Jodie Pelletier will be place at Grover Cleveland Elementary School following the "Leap Frog" project. The children raised a substantial amount of money toward the goal to retain the frog. Local businesses contributed too.
Mrs. Kelm's 2nd grade class enjoys a discussion with Loretta and Prince Pierre about his voyages throughout the realm.
Host Loretta explains (in sign language) the who, what, where and why of Prince Pierre's visit to Grover Cleveland Elementary and Erie, PA. Loretta retired in 1993 after teaching the deaf in the Erie School District for 37 years.


64 65
Prince Pierre thought this would be an excellent way to continue his tour, but wasn't able to talk anyone into letting him borrow the "Copper Hopper Chopper."
Prince Pierre experiences a Lake Erie sunset with a final "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit", musing over the exciting time he had in Erie, PA. The sites were wonderful! The artistry of the people displayed during LeapFrog Erie was remarkable and the people were so friendly and accomodating. The school children were a delight and in all a most memorable trip!
I wonder where Pierre's off to next?
Looks like...Tennessee!
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