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Prince Pierre lands in
Eureka Springs, Arkansas
(America's Victorian Village)
August 26, 2001

Host: FROG

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The Prince and FROG made a grand
entrance. Their "horse" was a bit slow,
but the ride was smooth.
You can do a lot of shopping in
Eureka Springs and EVERYONE
was at the stores early!
waiting sign
Prince + FROG agree on the priorities of the pedestrian signs
here in Eureka Springs
fantasy train train1 ornament
Pierre was pleased when FROG found a likeness of Pierre's cousin, Prince Nicholas, who loves Christmas time.
Pierre and FROG liked riding the
ES+NA Railway. They loved the "fresh air" seats!

Frog Fantasies was easy to get to.

FROG had to explain to Pierre that
although the sign says "Switch",
it's really a waterwheel.
Pierre was impressed by the architecture of Thorncrown Chapel. Winner of the American Institute of Architects award as one of the 10 most significant building designs of the century.
The transit system, although quaint was very comfortable.
FROG + Prince visited Quigley's Castle.
Prince Pierre is always looking for another castle to add to his collection.
castle house jamboree
They have some of the finest country music here in Eureka Springs at the Pine Mountain Jamboree.
Also, there are many beautiful Victorian style homes in Eureka Springs. Some of them reminded Pierre of Suffield, CT.
Once again, FROG was the perfect host on this side trip to Eureka Springs, AR and the Prince will be forever indebted.
I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like....Vermont!
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