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Carol introduces Pierre to her son, Danny, granddaughter, Livia and daughter-in-law, Denise. The family was honored to provide lodging for such a royal guest. . . .

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The first thing Pierre had to do when he got to Ft. Myers was to get some sun and thaw out from the long Winter in CT. Thankfully, Carol remembered to give him his shades and a great T-shirt (onezie) so that he wouldn't get burnt..

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A visit was made to the Ford's Garage... A wonderful restaurant in Ft. Myers. Lots of antique cars and interesting decor.

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The menu was great and the liquid refreshments perfect... In some cases there were barrels. The washroom was something completely unexpected, but inspired

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Pierre thought the wait staff was perfect. They treated him like the royal that he is.... Lucky frog!

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Genevieve and Casie were very attentive to Pierre

Carol had to give Pierre some driving lessons on this strange mode of transportaion... When he finally got the hang of it, he realized that he was going no where . . .

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Pierre and Carol enjoyed themselves at the Seminole Casino Immokalee. Pierre had his own Player's Club Card.... He IS a high roller... :-)

ftmy17 ftmy18 wildcard
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The Prince checked out the Floating Condos for future vacation possibilities...

Pierre was impressed with the Watershed Connection. Water being very important to his family and all his friends....

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Being an art lover, Pierre had to visit the Patio de Leon Fountains

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Pierre had a great time at the
Florida Repertory Theater.
He was lucky enough to get there early. They put on some very good shows and he really enjoyed himself.


Carol and Prince Pierre enjoy the sun as they say good-bye to their friends in Ft. Myers, Florida.

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like FRANCE!



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