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Prince Pierre
lands in
Greensboro, NC

Mrs. Westfalls' 2nd Grade Class
Pilot Eelementary School

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After Prince Pierre landed in Greensboro, NC he saw what he thought was the largest mushroom he ever encountered!! The students of Ms. Westfall's second grade class quickly pointed out that it wasn't a mushroom, but a water tower. How grand!
Pilot Elementary is located in the Piedmont of North Carolina's Guilford County. The school was named for Jefferson Pilot who donated the land to build this first new school in a decade. This beautiful statue from Jefferson Pilot adorns the entrance to the school. Looks like someone's "nesting" here. Mouse Over the statue to see who it is...Hmmmm???

Pilot has 940 students with 40 different countries represented. The cafeteria proudly displays the flags and heritage of all the students.

Brendan, Kevin, and Stephen pose in front of a great Dolphin Mural that was painted for the year 2000.

Hmmmm...very realistic ;-)

Pilot Elementary is "The Home of the Dolphins."

Alycee, Corinne, Katie and Sarah took Prince Pierre to see the front of the school. Pierre loved the architecture and thought the building was beautiful!
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<<==Pierre received a Westfall Whale button that made him feel like part of the class...
The banner outside of Room 501 welcomes all to the Westfall's Whales classroom. The students voted on this name several years ago and the name stuck. What a neat idea!
One day our assistant brought her pet frogs to visit Pierre. We had a special Frog Week. Everyone wore hats, read frog books, learned about the life cycle of a frog, and compared frogs to toads.
Kaila, Taylor, Montana, Jasmine, and Natasha took Pierre on a tour of the inside of Pilot Elementary. Pierre was glad he had guides... you could get lost in this big school!
Mrs. Westfall, Miss Sullivan (our student teacher), and Ms. Gangi (our assistant) Proudly wore our frog hats!


Lindsy and Courtney stand outside our classroom with Pierre on Frog Week.
... how generous!!
Our Librarian, Mrs. Cameron, was dressed in her special attire for Read Across America wearing a great Dr. Seuss tie!
Our Principal, Mrs. Martin, was happy to meet the Prince...
David and Stephen took Pierre for a jump on David's trampoline. Pierre loved it! Later he showed the boys that he could "jump" without a trampoline ;-)
Natasha loved having Prince Pierre at her home. She gave him a sweet hug. The Prince loves hugs!
Pierre enjoyed his ride in Adam's father's red chariot. Pierre had to hold onto his crown as they traveled with the top down...

Adam was glad that Pierre was able to be a fan at his basketball game. Pilot has an awesome Youth Sports League...

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Stephen took Prince Pierre to his Dad's office where the Prince got his royal heart monitored.
Good thing Pierre is in good shape from all his travels... He was so excited and relieved when he got an excellent report!
Dominic and Brendan took Pierre on two snow skiing trips to W. Virginia. Pierre didn't make it on the slopes, but he enjoyed the snow.
Natasha and her sister went to the Ice Chalet for skating lessons...14d
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Stephen took Pierre to the Greensboro Battlefield Park. There is a statue of Nathaniel Greene. Our city is named for this Revolutionary War hero...
Our city has a new baseball team, the Greensboro Grasshoppers.
Pierre got to see the new stadium...
He loves their motto...
"Catch the Bug..."
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The students took a field trip to the Natural Science Center.
The center had a special display about Space and the children loved posing in front of the stars...
Pierre loves posing in front of anything!

He found the strangest bird called and Emu!

Prince Pierre found the neat giant geode at the Science Center.
He thought it would make a great throne for his castle!

See more about geodes here...

Prince Pierre is standing outside the Adams Farm Community.
Pilot school is located in the middle of Greensboro's first planned community and it's 16 years old...
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Sarah took Prince Pierre to her dance class at On Stage Dance. Pierre could use a few lessons. Later on she took him to her piano lessons. Prince Pierre loves to sing-a-long...
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Montana and Sarah were happy that Pierre could join us for their Birthday Club lunch with Mrs. Westfall.
Each month, students having a birthday enjoy a special lunch in the classroom. They play music, piut a centerpiece in the middle of the table and eat pizza.
What a great idea!
Alycce and her family shared their tradition of picking out one special ornament at Four Seasons Mall. Pierre was happy to take part in the placing of this special memory
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Prince Pierre visted the Greensboro Historical Museum with Katie's family...
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Taylor was happy that Prince Pierre was at his home for his Super Bowl birthday party. Taylor is a huge Patriots fan (as is Pierre) so they both were ecstatic over the outcome of the game...
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David is teaching Prince Pierre about making a gingerbread house and how in Sweden, on the 1st day of December, families make these houses. After Christmas is over, they get to tear them apart and eat them!
What a yummy custom!!
Pierre checked out a display made by Pilot School's excellent teaching staff. The display was of models of teamwork. Pierre saw plenty of that at Pilot School...
Pierre enjoyed spending time with Katie at her Brownie meeting. They're a crafty group...
Montana took Prince Pierre for some fitness activities at her gymnastics center. The girls all looked like olympic candidates!
And... they quickly realized that frogs are excellent gymnasts...
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Prince Pierre's final stop in Greensboro, NC was at the Grandover Resort. This lovely resort is located near-by to Pilot Elementary and made it easy for the Prince to relax during his stay...
Prince Pierre spent time with Adam on the Prince's last day at Pilot School...
HRH Prince Pierre dela Ponde wishes to thank Ms Westfall, her Second Grade class (Westfall's Whales), and the staff and students of Pilot Elementary school in Greensboro, NC for providing him with a great stay in their school and city...
I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like....Tennessee
ppplane whereto
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