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Prince and Frog

First thing! Had to get a pair of wooden shoes. Tried on a bunch of these things. You can barely see me, but I'm there. Did find a pair. Pretty neat. More pics tomorrow.===========>
Prince Pierre

Prince Pierre meets FROG...
shoes woodshoes

Pierre found a pair to his liking. . .

Veldheer's Tulip Gardens

<====They made me hop up this 230 year old windmill on Windmill Island. I'm hanging out the window and that's three stories up. At least I didn't have to wear those wooden shoes.
Til later Pierre

FROG lends Pierre a trusty steed . . .

...And also gets easily confused

hope college

Pierre visits Hope College to check out the Fall Semester....

aquarium turtle

Pierre Checking out his tour and e-mail while he stays in Holland, MI

The Prince views the aquarium at the library...Looks inviting

When Pierre checked out a turtle exhibit, he started to draw a crowd.arrowup

windmill bridge
carrosel wishing well

Here's Pierre crossing the bridge to Windmill Island.

Pierre had to throw a "Good Luck" quarter into the library's wishing well. I understand it was a new Rhode Island quarter. Pierre saves 'em.

The library carousel was a blast! Pierre was heard to request another turn...


Pierre is dwarfed by the size of the organ on the island. Probably trying to figure out how he can get it back to Connecticut.

nature center sign
Prince Pierre (with shoes) checking out the neat fishing picture in the Tourist Office=====>
... and have fun learning about plant life with the kids.arrowdown
bug hut

Bug Hut where FROG took The Prince to lunch. (they can almost be seen in lower left corner), but they ate well.

FROG & The Prince visit the DeGraaf Nature Center.
kids and pierre
big red big red steps pierre on steps

We're thinking about climbing the steps to the lighthouse

Big Red is Holland's lighthouse.

Decision made....

hold pond


The Prince is pointing toe at frog in pond at the nature center and looking over a large pond. There are all kinds of frogs, turtles and what have you in here.

The Prince aboard "The Niagara Princess" that came in port to give the Prince a tour of the harbor.
The Prince thanks FROG and her(Dori) for a most entertaining and fun time while touring Holland, MI.
I wonder where Pierre's off to next?
Looks like...Arizona
where to
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