When the Prince arrived at the airport in Las Vegas, he was met by these two charming characters. Pierre was happy to discover that they were only sculptures of a scorpion and a rattler. It made it easier to become friends.

(and his trusty sidekick Gus)

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race car limo
Pierre checked out a few transportation possibilities for his stay in the Las Vegas area.

The Captain was happy that he chose the limo (although the Captain does love NASCAR racing)

The first thing Pierre did was to check out the night life in town and was amazed at the beautiful Dancing Fountains of the Bellagio Hotel. If you look closely, you can see the Prince's silhouette...

Dancing Fountains @
Bellagio Hotel

arch eiffel tower mgm grand statue liberty
Prince Pierre had his choice of classy hotels and restaurants. For a time he thought he had crossed the Big Pond...especially when he saw the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower. When he saw the Statue of Liberty, he almost took out his atlas.... Soon Pierre realized they were just some of the many attractions here in Las Vegas...
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One of the finer restaurants Pierre dined in... the MGM Grand (also pictured above)...The Prince was treated royally by Liz. Many people in Las Vegas wear communication devices in their ears. Pierre never found out who they were talking to...hhmmm?
waitress m and m
The Prince jumped for joy when he found the M + M's Colorworks display in the lobby! What a dessert! Those tubes are all filled with...yup, you guessed it...
slots1 slots2 lake meade
After some fine food, Pierre tries his luck at the slots.....

Looks like the Royal Treasury will be getting a call....

In the Las Vegas area the are many sites to see. One of the more interesting sites is Lake Meade seen here in the background...arrow bend up
hoover statue dam sign hoover1 hoover2
Pierre was impressed by the size of Hoover Dam.

Even the statues honoring
the people who worked on
it were huge.

The view of the spillway and
the power house was awesome!

hoover3 hoover4
Pierre checks out one of the statues.
Prince Pierre enjoyed a quiet flight after an exciting, but tiring visit to the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

He gave Victor (and his trusty sidekick Gus) his royal thanks for providing him with a most enjoyable tour. Perhaps they can do it again sometimes.

window seat
I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like....California!
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