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Prince Lands in
Leavenworth, Kansas
June 30, 2002


By an act of the Legislature, on July 20, 1854, Leavenworth became the first incorporated town in the Kansas Territory.

Hosts: Beth + Fred

arrive1727.jpg bird bath
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Prince Pierre arrives at Beth + Fred's home. Notice, they number the houses here, not the rocks like in Arizona. The first place the Prince headed for was "the bath". It was a long trip from USVI...

lawrence sign campinella stadium

Beth and Fred took the Prince to Lawrence, Kansas where Kansas University is located. Pierre was struck by the beauty of the campus and the architecture of the Campanile. Here, Beth helps
Pierre get a better view =========>
It's a WWII memorial carillon.

Pierre's tour around the campus included a visit to the stadium where Kansas University places it's football games.

phogallen jayhawk

<===Pierre got a birds eye view of the statue dedicated to Phog Allen.

Then he got a frogs eye view of the famous Kansas Jayhawk, Kansas University's mascot. =======>

The statues are located at the Allen Field House where "The Jayhawks" play basketball.

The Prince visited the U.S. Army Post of Ft. Leavenworth. As you can see it has a lot of history. (Other forts in Kansas)

US Grant statue

Pierre with statue of Gen. U. S. Grant famous Civil War Gen. and President.arrowright

ftleavenworth sign

Prince Pierre felt welcomed here in Leavenworth, "First City of Kansas." Capt. Frog works in Windsor, CT
First Town in CT

buffalo soldiers sign
buffalo soldiers lake

Pierre takes a break by the lake on Ft. Leavenworth. Looks like a nice safe place for a pad...

Pierre visits the Buffalo Soldiers' Memorial....

trail monument trail stauteofliberty

The Prince checks out the monument to the Sante Fe and Oregon Trails. Leavenworth was "Where the History of the West Began." He could see where the ruts from the wagon wheels were still visible...

Leavenworth celebrated the 4th of July byarrowright rededicating their newly restored replica of the Statue of Liberty that stands at City Hall.

A local princess volunteered to
take Prince Pierre on a tour of a arrowbentleftfarm.

The Prince gets introduced the farmer and his wife. You can see that they're very up-to-date. Communications is very important on a farm.arrowright

ridetothefarm family

Prince Pierre was shown a nice herd of cattle. They seemed very friendly and Prince Pierre could tell that
arrow leftthey were well taken care of.

corn hay

Prince Pierre fell in love with the tractor. It wasn't fast, but it was quite airy and gave him a good view of the farm...


Pierre was amazed! The corn grows tall here in Kansas...

Pierre relaxes after a busy tour of the farm. The hay was very comfortable and it was even fun to have a piece sticking out of his mouth. Frogs don't get a chance to do that too often.


Later it was a relaxing bath with a new friend who looked a lot like Prince Pierre's Uncle Gilbert.

There were all the comforts of home here on the farm.

penitentiary 1
penitentiary 2

Prince Pierre was glad that he was on the outside, looking in at the Federal Penitentiary here in Leavenworth.

There are a few other prisons in the area that are of historical significance

"In the plat of the town of Leavenworth KS Territory, filed December 20th 1854 In the surveyor general's office at Ft. Leavenworth. The proprietors of the town donated to the public the perpetual use and benefit of all that portion of ground on this plat marked esplanade thereby establishing

The First Public Park in Kansas

Entered on the National Registry of Historic Places December 12, 1996.

Plaque dedicated by the Leavenworth County Historical Society August 4, 1979."

<====In the background you can see the
Centennial Bridge that spans the Missouri River.
(more pictures of the Leavenworth area)

esplanade sign esplanade monument
landing park sign
the landing

Pierre that this was a novel idea...
to put a map in concrete big enough to follow...

Pierre love visiting the Leavenworth Landing Park. "It focuses on the role of Leavenworth as the 'Gateway to the West', with emphasis on modes of transportation that led to the growth of Leavenworth as the major jumping off point for settlers heading west."

home 1

At the end of Prince Pierre's stay in Leavenworth, Kansas, he was given a tour of a street in the Esplanade that consisted of many beautiful Victorian styled homes. Some of them are part of a historic trail and they have markers complete with audio tracks explaining everything about either a building, and area, or a person.

Here Pierre is listening about Susan B. Anthony and her brother, Daniel, who was the editor of the Leavenworth Times. ====>


Some of Beth's friends got together to give Prince Pierre a send-off after a wonderful stay in the Leavenworth, Kansas area. The Prince had a real swingin' time. He thanks Beth and Fred and all their friends for showing him such wonderful hospitality...

I wonder where Pierre's off to next?
Looks like...Ohio!
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