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Prince Pierre says "Hi" and "Bye" to his old friend Isabelle who lives with Carol. Carol and Pierre are on the "Royal AMTRAK Special" out of Springfield, MA. Very comfy accommodations and on their way to their first stop in Washington, DC

The Washington DC terminal was very busy... Lots of folks all heading to somewhere. Pierre and Carol had a long wait before their next train....

Carol's sister, Susan and her husband, Paul, welcomed Carol and Prince Pierre to their lovely room.... The cake was super delish! Pierre had to get the recipe for his Royal Baker... And looking forward to the wedding reception that Carol and Pierre were going to attend . . .

Pierre was really tired after the long trip and looked forward to a good night's rest before heading out for the wedding reception...

Carol was so happy to be with her sister, Paula.
Weddings are so much fun....

The festivities were held at The Casselman Inn. A wonderful establishment full of old time charm and comfort.

Prince Pierre had a very good view of all the activities and felt quite at home sitting on the mantle....

Carol had to have pictures of her nephew Michael with his wife, Shawn and their children...

Carol with her nephew, Scott and his wife Donna

Carol's niece, Paula and her husband, Sammy.... Everyone was having a wonderful time....

Carol's sister Susan and husband, Paul, relax at The Casselman....

Pierre received this "medal" for being an honored guest at The Casselman and was told that he would be welcomed back anytime....

Pierre and Carol also visited Grantsville Elementary and shopped at some of the stores in Grantsville

Carol and Pierre had a long trip back home after delays were caused by bad weather... Thankfully they were cheered by a lovely attendant who really "took" to Prince Pierre... What a great smile!!! Soon they were back home....

Pierree is always happy to be back home with
Baby Seraphina and Princess Lily Croak-kiss . . . .

Many thanks to Carol for being such a great host on Pierre's latest adventure!

Looks like Turkey . . .

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

ppplane looks like
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