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Prince Pierre is welcomed by his two young hosts, Amanda and Jake who shares his "Huskers" hat with Pierre.

03 04 05

Jill and the children took Pierre to the Omaha Children's Museum.

Prince Pierre hops up to get a closer look at a T-rex skull as Erin, Gregory and Jake watch in amazement.

Jill demonstrates to Pierre that the dinosaurs aren't real by showing him the mechanics that make them run.

06 07 08

Prince Pierre gets a lesson on milking a cow. He always has trouble
telling one from the udder.! (sorry)

The Prince puts his training in
paleontology to good use
as he searches for fossils ...

Pierre & Jake pass through the gate to Rainbow Farm.
What an ingenious idea for a gate!

09 10 11

Pierre looks forward to visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo...

Everyone got excited at the petting zoo! Pierre thought that the goats were very friendly.

Some birds just like to show off their colors. Pierre found it to be the prettiest bird he's ever seen. Princess Lily Croak-Liss would really love one of these.

12 13

Everyone loves firetrucks and Prince Pierre is no different. His new friends saw that he got a real good ride...

Ah, the home of the rhinos. Don't worry everyone was safe...

Pierre never rode on a cat before. He found this ride a lot of fun! So did Amanda and Jake


<<===Pierre's "lookout" keeps his eyes open while Prince Pierre checks out the Rhino's lower bicuspids.

Pierre relaxes while ===>> looking out for some sea lions. The sun was nice and warm and Pierre really felt like taking a nap.


Prince Pierre thanks his hosts, the Simon Family for showing him a very good time and taking him to some wonderful places in Omaha, Nebraska. It was a fun trip to a beautiful part of the country.

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like....Pennsylvania

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