Prince Pierre
lands in
Ozark, Alabama
Mixon Elementary School


Prince Pierre arrives at Mixon elementary school in Ozark, AL and is hosted by Mrs. Weldon's Second Grade Class. They took Pierre around the school to show him various points of interest . . .

Host: Mixon Elementary School


State of Alabama
City of Ozark
Things To Do in Alabama
Dowling Museum Ann Rudd Art Center
History of Ozark, AL
Frogs in Alabama


This is the castle that welcomes you as you enter the school. Our theme is
arrow_left"Enter the Kingdom of Learning — Where Dreams Come True"
The Prince knows a great castle when he sees one!

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Students relax with Prince Pierre in the Media Center... One of Pierre's favorite places. He loves to read! ... Captain Frog spent many years working in his school's Media Center...
It's a great place!

The children take Prince Pierre outside where he inspects the construction taking place on the site of the school's new gym.
Things are looking good here at Mixon!


The children took Pierre to visit "Learn-a-lot Lane" where the First Grade rooms are. It was a fun place to "Learn-a-lot!" All the rooms are decorated in a fairy tale or fable theme...

Students show Prince Pierre the handprint dragon in the school's foyer. They have HUGE dragons here in Ozark!
Pierre doesn't have any that large in Connecticut ...


The school's secretaries took turns giving Pierre a kiss .... Hmmmm... Perhaps looking for another prince to appear. Mixon arrowleftis a very friendly school!

The Assistant Superintendent visits with Prince Pierre in her office. They discussed various educational systems that Pierre has seen in his travels . . .arrowright


Prince Pierre got a chance to look around the town of Ozark, AL and some surrounding sites . . .

Armory Armored Division - This tank greets you when you enter Ozark. Now Prince Pierre knows how Capt. Frog felt when he once rode in this similar tank in the 60's . . .

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Pierre meets with the Honorable Mayor Bob Bunting
who presents the Prince with the
Ozark City pin . . .
(click here)

Pierre visited the Fire Station and got a ride to a fire! They let him start the siren... He always wanted to do that . . .

Courthouse Square is decorated for Fall and Pierre decided to take a ride on a tractor . . .


At Steagal Park - Children designed this playground and the community built it in three days! Nice Job!!


Prince Pierre got to see the historic Claybank Church that was erected in 1852. It is the oldest building in Ozark. It was named for the clay on the banks of the rivers in Ozark.


Pierre visited the Claybank Cemetery where the founding fathers are buried.


A trip was taken to the Boys and Girls Club where many Mixon children attend an after school program.

16 17

Prince Pierre visited the Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker where the Army trains helicopter pilots. Many parents are employed on the post . . .

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Prince Pierre found out later that this was not the best best to sit while flying in one of these helicopters! He said it wasn't like his old bi-plane that he travels around in. He did receive a wonderful helicopter pin for his cape to celibrate his visit to the museum . . . (click here)

Men of Flight Through the Ages


Prince Pierre meets "The King"... No! It's not Elvis! It's King Cotton, the King of the South. Pierre tried to pick some but found out it was back breaking work.... Something a Prince and/or a frog is not accustomed to. Someone did do a lot of picking as shown in these huge bales of cotton waiting to be taken to the cotton gin for processing.


Looking out over the fields, Pierre was told that this is called an Alabama Snowstorm . . . hmmm . . .


Prince Pierre had a wonderful visit in Ozark, Alabama!
He would like to thank his hosts at Mixon Elementary School,
Ms. Mikoda and Mrs. Weldon and her Second Grade Class.

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like....Tennessee

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