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prince cactus

The scenery is a wonder to behold!The Prince first noticed that here in ===>
the desert you have to be careful where you hop.

rock 107
<===The prince thought it strange that they numbered the rocks here in Payson...but he found out that was his address. He's accustomed to url's, but this was a grand rock!
The Prince rose early to start his tour of the Payson area. You can see he chose his ride wisely after noting the temperatures of the desert.
They had campfires at "107" where Reme told stories of his mispent youth . . .
rock garden turtle

They grow rocks here at "107"!

Some rocks look just like turtles. Very confusing, but interesting.====>

tonton sign

The Prince checked out Tonto National Forest. Hmmm the name is vaguely familiar . . .

You have to follow rules in the forest.

hatchery hatch map

The Prince wanted to check out the Tonto Creek Hatchery. Perhaps he would find relatives there.

shoofly map
It's good to have a map in the forest..arrowleft

Pierre was interested in the Native American History.

The Prince was pleased that the Arrowhead Wildlife Society adopted the road to the Natural Bridge.

The desert has strange trees called cactus. More than one cactus is cacti. They do not give very good shade and the Prince found them dangerous to climb! Reme mentioned that each outer limb of the cactus represents 100 years! Almost as old as Captain Frog!
bridge sign
dar sign school

The Prince visited the oldest standing
schoolhouse in Arizona.

Strawberry Schoolhouse received recognition from the D.A.R. and now from HRH Prince Pierre . . .

The Prince discovered many wonderful and new experiences here in Payson, Arizona. Before leaving, he thanked his host, Reme. Although Reme felt he wasn't employee material . . too demanding . . .the Prince would consider a managerial position.
I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like....New Mexico!
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