Prince Pierre
lands in
Richboro, PA
Richboro Elementary School
August, 2009

richboro pa map
Host:Mrs Foy's Grade 2
Richboro Elementary School

State of Pennsylvania
Things To Do In PA
Pennsylvania History
Pennsylvania Frogs

Once Upon A Nation
National Constitution Center
Philadelphia Zoo
Franklin Institute
Academy of Natural Sciences
Gettysburg National Military Park
Independence Seaport Museum
Longwood Gardens
Northampton Township

Prince Pierre meets his host, Mrs Foy, in her 2nd grade classroom at Richboro Elementary where they discussed the activities to take place during his visit.... Great looking room!
Pierre found the chair at the Reading Nook to be very comfortable and he enjoyed his Phillies Helmet from a recent trip to a game in Philadelphia.
Phillies game
reading nook phillies
Out and about at 9:30AM, Pierre checks the time before heading out to enjoy a busy day.

They paid a visit to the Veterans Memorial Park and sat by the fountain dedicated to
PFC Robert H. Dembrowski and then to the Northampton Township Library.

Pierre loves libraries!

park fountain northampton_library
parking lot grocery shopping
A great day to go grocery shopping!

And what a wonderful way to do it...riding in a "royal chariot"

library princeton libraryprinceton03
A quick hop across the river took Pierre to the library at Princeton University (Where else would a Prince go?). Amazing! A clock that tells the time in 4 different places...

It's all about finding a comfortable place to do some serious reading!
The Costen Children's Library at Princeton Univ. has some marvelous exhibits and neat places to enjoy reading adventures.

library princeton04
library princeton05 library princeton06
One of the largest books that Pierre has ever seen. There have to be a lot of BIG words in it!
Acting just like a tree frog!
library princeton lion01 library princeton lion02
Looks like Pierre's getting ready for his favorite holiday. He never has to get a costume!
Prince Pierre and his friends rest upon the Princeton Tigers in front of Nassau Hall. The Tiger is the university's mascot. . . .
Prince Pierre and a new friend took a trip to Philadelphia to check out various sites. The National Constitution Center --- The Franklin Institute, where he saw many great exhibits and even took a "stroll" through a heart! Pierre went by the largest, tallest and most expensive city hall in the U.S.
Seeing how the heart works was very interesting. Philadelphia is a very historic city with many things to see and experience ... the Prince visited the famous Liberty Bell. That's Independence Hall in the bacground...
richboro02 richboro03 richboro04
On a tour of the school, Pierre was shown the recess equipment box before heading out to the playground...
Pierre got a chance to check out the Character Education Program. He liked seeing Spike's picture on the board . . .
richboro05 richboro07
A few friends took Pierre to meet the school's mascot, Spike. He is a very friendly bulldog and the children love him. The Prince also visited the Ecology Club. The sign is made out of recycled bottled tops...brilliant idea! Finally, Pierre was introduced the the Music Teacher. Pierre told her about the "concerts" he sings at back at the castle on the pond ;-) ...
GREAT Thank you notes from Mrs. Foy's very creative class.
Awesome job!
Prince Pierre de LaPonde thanks Ms. Foy and her Second Grade Class for a most enjoyable and memorable visit . . .
I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like Tennessee
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