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Kathy Krar and Ginny Bromage


Salem Cross Inn

Quabbin Reservoir

pierre driving sleigh

Prince Pierre delaPonde drove his royal sleigh to the Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield, MA to meet his hosts, Kathy and Ginny.... An adventure in Massachusetts....

1658 1660 1655

Pierre met folks who were celebrating Rick's birthday and other fun loving sleigh-ride companions... Pierre introduced himself to their trusty driver....

1654 1656 1657

Pierre also made sure that the horses knew the way.... The trail was well marked and the horses must have done this a few times... They knew when it was time to head back to the inn....

1679 1667 1652

Pierre heard many good things about the inn's fireside roasting... The Head Roaster did a fantastic job and some young ladies showed Pierre the machine that peels and cores apples for the Apple Crisp.... Yummy ....

1664 1673 1670

Prince Pierre's friend, Bernie, gave Pierre a tour around the inn showing some of the colonial artifacts...

1674 1675

Did George Washington sleep here???


Pierre had a wonderful time at The Salem Cross Inn

Now his hosts took him for a drive through the Quabbin Reservoir

1685 1689 1687

The Quabbin Reservoir is a magnificent place to visit...

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HRH Prince Pierre delaPonde wishes to thank his hosts, Kathy and Ginny for a wonderful adventure. He had a wonderful time in Massachusetts and can't wait to tell of his trip as he returns to the "castle"...

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like Montana

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