Murph along with

Lisa, Marilyn, Cheryl, Carrie, Linda,Maryann, Kristen, & Priscilla


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

City of Salem, MA

Things To Do & See in Mass.

Things To Do In Salem, Mass.

Frogs of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Lighthouses

Massachusetts Statehouse(Wikipedia)

Massachusetts History

Salem, MA History (Wikipedia)


Before leaving for Salm, MA., Prince Pierre made some new friends at Carol's home and took a ride on "Tarantula"...
The horse was a comfy ride but seemed to like to remain only on the porch

salemma003 welcometo salem

Better get some rest before we leave early in the morning

salemma004 salema005
salem graphic 01

While visiting the Witch Dungeon Museum, Pierre got "Photo-Bombed" by Carol . . . .

salem graphic 02

Pierre checks out an original dingeon artifact and later takes a break with an old friend... They both find things kind of scary . . . .

salemma008 salemma009

You never know who you're going to meet in Salem, MA :)

Pierre met up with an old friend, Isabelle, and had a lovely chat...

salemma010 salemma011

An enjoyable meal at a local eatery . . .

salemma012 salemma013
salemma014 salemma015

Pierre discovered that farm "life" can be very relaxing.... Even the animals were having a "still life" ....

salemma016 salemma017

After an exciting tour, Murph and some of her friends settle down for a round of "Texas Hold 'Em"...
A little too rich even for Pierre so he sat it out . . . .

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like Africa



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