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Upon arrival in Salt Lake City, one of the first places bernie and Prince Pierre visited was the Family History Library where
Bernie did some genealogical reasearch... The staff was very welcoming and helpful...

If you click on this picture, you will get a larger version and see some of the families that Bernie found. A few
of the names are very familiar to our Palmer, MA friends and classmates . . .

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The flower gardens and the statuary in Temple Square were remarkable. Pierre had never seen so many beautiful flowers.
A very relaxing place to walk and gaze at all the beauty and meet news friends... Bernie and Pierre meet two of the many Sisters at Temple Square. The Sisters are the only persons who are allowed to give tours throughout the Square and can do so in many languages...

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The Prince and Bernie decided to check out the performances at Temple Square and were fortunate enough to attend a Tabernacle Organ Recital. . . .


The Sisters are happy to pose with Bernie and the Prince before entering the Tabernacle for the recital....

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Prince Pierre enjoys the recital with a new friend who kept squaking in his ear about how wonderful the music was. . . .

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Office of the Church of Latter Day Saints. The Tabernacle, The Temple . . . .

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Ron Stoddart became a special host to Prince Pierre and Bernie while visiting The Temple Square . . .

Prince Pierre was honored to meet this newly wedded couple. The Temple grounds are a perfect setting to start a perfect life . . .


Prince Pierre makes new friends
wherever he goes . . . .

A grand view overlooking the city with snowcapped mountains . . . .

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Pierre and Bernie met a gentleman who suggested that they visit the state capitol building... So off they went where they were met by their guide and asked to sign in . . .

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The stairway to the House of Representatives is massive and the ceilings and walls contain beautiful murals of the history of Utah... Very impressive!

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Pierre thought that a room like this would fit just fine back at the castle . . . .

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"Vox Populi" is carved under the clock . . . "Voice of the People" . . .

Prince Pierre runs into some new friends as he leave the capitol building, It looks like they'll be having fun checking out their state capitol . . . .


Council Hall ... The original City Hall now home of the Office of Tourism

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Bernie and Pierre visited The Great Salt Lake and were greeted by their lovely host. You can tell that she's never seen such royalty . . .

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Visiting the Great Salt Lake, Pierre read about the interesting facts and also saw that many other activities were enjoyed on and around this marvelous body of water . . . Making new friends was a plus . . .

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Our guide from Salt Lake City Guided Tours and a new friend from Pakistan who is "Greyhounding" across the USA as she takes a retirement trip around the world...


The Prince enjoys the view before he leaves
The Great Salt Lake . . .

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Pierre and Bernie decided to take a tour of Park City and ran into some old friends from their tour of China. They met in front of the Egyptian Theater and checked to see what was playing.

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"The Grill Is Open" at the No Name Saloon. Pierre was happy that they didn't advertise frog legs.
Next they hopped over to visit "Loosey the Moose" who stands outside of the Park City Clothing Co.
and "Franz the Bear" who sits on a park bench on Main Street in Historic Park City.

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Trolley Corners is a part of Trolley Square an excellent shopping emporium. That built up an appetite so off they went to the Red Iguana for
"The Killer Mexican Foods"

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Bernie brought Prince Pierre to the United Polish Genealogical Societies Conference where the Prince felt most welcomed . . .
Afterwards, they attended a performance by
the Wesoly Lud ( Happy People ) Polish folk dance ensemble from Chicago, IL...
Pictured here in western costumes....


Breakfast buddy, Valerie while attending the conference


Prince Pierre found a Carriage Stop for a Carriage for Hire as he and Bernie were getting ready to leave for home.... Bernie had to explain to the Prince that the cariages were not for trips to the airport, but for tours of the city... Alas, the Prince always loves riding in a carriage . . .

Prince Pierre would like to thank Bernie for a wonderful trip to
Salt Lake City, Utah and all the folks who were so kind to him on this journey . . .

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?

Looks like Maryland

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