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Pierre knew where he was as soon as he saw the huge welcoming sign for Spirit Lake.

Pierre was amazed at the different kind of "farm" here in Spirit Lake. The people grow windmills! These wind machines produce electricity for the area and help to reduce the reliance of fossil fuels. You can more about them here at the
Alliant Energy Kids site.

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The new Dickinson County Courthouse
seems to be coming along just fine . . .

Pierre with his host, Seth, who took him around the lake where he was introduced to many of his froggy friends. . .

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Pierre looks over the naked corn fields after the harvest. He's thinking... "Can Winter be far behind?"... He knows the answer... lol....

Pierre wants to thank Seth for his hospitality and kindness shown to him during his visit to Spirit Lake, Iowa!

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like....Tennessee
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