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Prince Pierre took a trip to Virginia Beach with his host, Sharon, along with the Windsor High School (Windsor, CT) Orchestra where they played in a concert and brought home several awards.

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Pierre had a breakfast burito with Caroline B.
Stopping off at Delaware, on the way to VA, Pierre meets a new friend, Cady.
Pierre with another new friend, Mr. Monkey take a nap with Sharon on the bus to Virginia Beach. They had to wake-up at 2:30 AM for the trip and were very tired... (Pierre and Mr. Monkey always sleep with their eyes open ???)
Pierre enjoys the company of Cady and Sharon
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Pierre was a bit nervous about crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It's 20 miles long and goes into a tunnel under the water!
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Pierre finally reached the Howard Johnson Hotel at Virginia Beach. The view of the Boardwalk was spectacular! He had plans to take a walk to a far off bridge, but his "security detail" wouldn't allow it. . . .
va078 va080
Pierre and Sharon started their adventure to the dock on the beach, but they never made it that far . . .
Prince Pierre enjoying a long 2 hour walk with Sharon and Cady. Two new friends, Lauren and Adrienne, are in the background . . .
Pierrre wanted to remember this day forever and, to make sure the beach also remembered him, he wrote his name in the sand. Hmmm...
excellent printing skills!
After a nice walk on the boardwalk, Prince Pierre decided to help his
Windsor High School friends write a "Hello" in the sand . . . .
va090 va094
It got breezy and chilly at sunset. Pierre was a little camera shy (that's hard to believe!). Sharon kept the cool air from Pierre so he wouldn't catch cold . . .
Pierre has trouble with perspection . . . He was thinking that he's larger than the buildings or like an angel . (?). . .
va095 va104
Sharon and Pierre walking on the beach with Adrienne & Lauren.
Sharon and Pierre take in the scenic view of Virginia Beach
and the Atlantic Ocean . . .
va118 va122
There was plenty of time to catch some sun as Cady, Pierre and Sharon get some tanning time in at the beach . . .
va145 va157
Prince Pierre watching the Windsor High School Concert Orchestra . . . He thought that he should envite them to play at the castle . . .
Prince Pierre practices Juuuust in case they need a soloist to perform.
Pierre did graduate from theRoyal dela Ponde Music Academy . . .
va182 va183
Pierre and Sharon attend the awards ceremonies at
Busch Gradens . . .
WHS won many awards for Orchestra, Band and Choir.
Pierre helped Sharon to warm up before the concert.. Let's see . . .
Every Good Bullfrog Does Fine.
Here Pierre is sitting in a wagon in "Ireland". The wagon supposedly copies the Irish Tinkers or Gypsy wagons.

They also have a show called "The Secrets of Castle O'Sullivan" . .

After the awards ceremonies, it was off to tour Busch Gardens. Pierre saw that there were so many places that represented different countries. He wasn't sure where to start.
Pierre was a little nervous about riding in the skyline. He's rather be in his trusty bi-plane... He managed to handle the ride okay and it gave him a great view of
Busch Gardens.
Pierre and Sharon sitting in a tree carving that's part of Irish folklore . . .
While visiting "England", Pierre saw some cool payphone booths. He couldn't use them to call Captain Frog because he was too short and couldn't hop that high...hhmmmm....
Prince Pierre went to the park's "Germany" where he saw this huge mechanical clock. Somewhat like the ones he saw when his visited the real Germany . . .
After tthe visit to Busch Gardens, Sharon and Pierre went on a dinner cruise. Everyone had a great time!
It was difficult to rise and shine at 6AM the next morning. Pierre saw the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and began the day to prepare to return to the castle.

Sharon and her friends at Windsor High School gave Pierre a great tour with music and entertainment to go along with the adventures.

Thanks Sharon!

I wonder where the Prince will be off to next?
Looks like....Iowa
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