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Captain Frog

Captain Frog provides security for the royal de LaPonde family. Prince Pierre, Princess Lilly-Croakiss and baby Seraphina dela Ponde. They reside in the little town of Suffield, CT situated near the notch in the north central part of the state.

The Prince has decided to tour "The Realm" and looks for invitations from friendly hosts.


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New England Air Museum

The Prince Visits Gillette Castle

Riding With Caroline

town sign

The Prince checks out the Royal Treasury before departing. . .

The Prince relaxes with some members of the Royal Court before he leaves on his Grand Tour...
academy library
Pierre enjoys his walks along Main Street (Rte. 75) passed the academy...
You can walk along here...
Pierre rests at the town's gazebo on the green after his fairwell speech to his subjects. . .
Prince Pierre chats with the Royal Gardners, Mike and Ike, before leaving. He gives them his instructions for the care of the Royal Gardens... And hopefully do something about these large rabbits!!
Pierre spends a few relaxing moments fishing in his private pond. He has it specially stocked!!
royal car
The de LaPonde's take a ride around Suffield before the Prince leaves on his tour. That's their trusty chauffeur, Jacques Frogge in the driver's seat.
Prince Pierre flies out of Bradley International . . .
ppplane at airport
The Prince reviews his itinerary before leaving on his tour.
What a funny bird the frog are -

When he hop, he fly almost--

When he stand, he sit almost--

He ain't got no tail hardly --

When he sit, he sit on what he ain't got almost.

Looks like he's headed for Michigan . . .
On a recent trip to Tennessee, Prince Pierre met Ella. She's Pam Justus' grandbaby. Pam and her Second Grade Class hosts the Prince when he hops into Chattanooga...


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Prince Pierre undergoes a "tricky operation"... He's been CLONED

See the "operation" HERE

The Royal Family de LaPonde
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